• Yield : 10-12 pancakes
  • Servings : 4-6
  • Prep Time : 24:000 h
  • Cook Time : 30m
  • Ready In : 40m

The recipe

This Injera recipe uses fermentation to give this Ethiopian pancake style bread its distinctive sour taste which goes so well with dishes such as our Ethiopian Red Lentil Stew. Injera is traditionally made with a sourdough starter of either wholemeal wheat flour or flour made from a grain called teff. Fermented foods have been used for thousands of years as a method of preservation, but the process also makes the food more digestible and nutritious, and develops flavours in a way that only time can. Injera is usually served at room temperature, tearing a piece off and using it to scoop up lentil, vegetable or meat dishes. Try it with our Ethiopian Red Lentil Stew which is easy to make and uses the great flavours of our Berbere Spice Mix and Ethiopian Spiced Butter.

For Injera you can use a wheat starter or a teff starter or a combination of the two. I started with a wholemeal wheat starter that I’ve had for several months and then fed with teff flour for a couple of days. For a completely gluten free Injera just use teff flour from the beginning.


  • 250ml bubbling sourdough starter
  • 625ml lukewarm water
  • 140g teff flour
  • 130g wholemeal wheat flour
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ½ tsp baking powder (optional)
  • Oil for frying


Step 1

Put the starter in a bowl and then add the water and the flour and stir well. Cover and leave to ferment in a warm place. Leave for 24 hours, stirring occasionally.

Step 2

After at least 24 hours, when you are ready to cook the Injera, add the salt to the batter and then the baking powder (if using). The baking powder will increase the bubbling of your batter and help with creating the desired holes when cooking. This makes the Injera lighter, tastier and better looking. Leave the batter for a couple of minutes to let the baking powder do its work.

Step 3

Meanwhile, heat a non-stick frying pan, with a cover, over a medium heat and add a little bit of oil, wiping it around the pan with kitchen paper.

Step 4

Pour some batter onto the heated pan and spread evenly across the pan and cover. You can add a bit of water to your bowl of mixture if the batter is too thick to spread, but not too much as this will stop the holes forming. If that happens add ½ tsp baking powder and whisk in. Cook over a medium heat for 2 or 3 minutes, until the batter is dry on the top and a little browned and crispy on the bottom. Remove to cool on the tea towel then serve at room temperature.

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