Recipe Type: Spice Mix

Sri Lankan Spice Mix

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Sri Lankan Spice Mix is a wonderful combination and used in many dishes, both in ...

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Traditionally, mincemeat would have contained meat and no alcohol, but these days it is more often ...

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ras al hanut

Ras al Hanut

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This is a North African spice mix.  Ras al Hanut is Arabic and translates as ...

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mixed spice

Mixed Spice

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This mixed spice is used mainly in baking, most commonly known in Christmas cakes, Christmas ...

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Berbere – Ethiopian Spice Mix

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We are lucky to have an Ethiopian café near us and discovered this wonderfully spicy ...

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Five Spice

Chinese Five Spice

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Chinese five spice mix is used not only in Chinese recipes, but also in other Asian ...

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