Healthy Vegetarian Dishes from Iran

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Healthy Vegetarian dishes from Iran

Once known to many as Persia, Iran has an ancient cuisine and many of the common food words familiar to us are derived from the Persian language, including oranges, pistachios and saffron.  Familiar ingredients, such as walnuts and broad beans, originated there and others were introduced to the area, namely apricots and rhubarb, from China before arriving in the rest of the world from Persia.

Herbs, such as coriander, parsley and dill, are important in flavouring many Persian dishes and the use of dried apricots and prunes is common to sweeten an otherwise savoury dish.

Although the cuisine is not predominantly vegetarian at all, it is possible to create purely vegetarian meals from the many side dishes now popular in Iran.  Many recipes which require meat or fish are so rich in vegetarian ingredients it is possible to simply exclude the non-vegetarian items and still have a delicious dish with contrasting textures and flavours.

Flatbreads are a popular accompaniment and we’ve included a standard recipe for a raised (leavened) flatbread. Spices are regularly used in Persian cookery and a basic spice mix recipe is also included, which can be used in many dishes.

Why not try these delicious dishes:

Persian Fruit and Vegetable Casserole

Persian Fruit and Vegetable Casserole

Persian Stuffed Courgettes

Persian Stuffed Courgettes

persian spice mix

Persian Spice Mix

flat bread

Flat Bread

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