Recipes Using Ingredient: Fruit

citrus marmalade

Mixed Citrus Marmalade

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This Mixed Citrus Marmalade was born out of my impatience for this year’s Seville oranges, ...

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quinoa and Currant Porridge

Quinoa and Currant Porridge

Recipe Type: Cuisine:

Quinoa and Currant Porridge is a tasty, healthy porridge which makes a change from similar dishes made from ...

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lychee jelly

Lychee Jelly with Pomegranate and Mixed Berries

Recipe Type: Cuisine: ,

Jellies, savoury and sweet, have been around for centuries and the making process was made easier ...

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cranberry sauce

Cranberry Sauce

Recipe Type: , Cuisine: ,

Cranberry Sauce came about due to a cranberry producer, early in the 20th Century, deciding to process ...

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Recipe Type: , Cuisine:

Stollen is a classic spiced fruit bread from Germany, usually eaten around Christmas time. This recipe ...

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mince pies

Mince Pies

Recipe Type: Cuisine:

Mince Pies are sweet pies or tarts filled with small dried fruits which have been ...

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