You can’t make omelettes without breaking eggs!

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Cooked in a variety of ways, such as boiling, poaching, scrambling or frying, eggs are one of our most popular foods as well as being an extremely versatile ingredient. Eggs are useful for adding a little something to dishes such as the stir fried egg added to a Chinese dish or the beaten egg brushed... more

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Essential Omega-3

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Omega-3’s are fatty acids, important elements in the living cells of plants and animals. There are 3 types of omega-3 fatty acids which our bodies require to be healthy but which we are either unable to make or make too slowly to reach the required levels and so we need to... more

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Lima Beans aka Butter Beans

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Butter Beans

Lima beans (aka butter beans) originated in Central and South America.  There are two main types; a smaller, green variety (Sieva type) and a larger wild variety (Lima type).  The smaller bean was first cultivated in Central America and distribution extended from Mexico to Argentina, predominantly in lower elevations below... more

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Healthy Vegetarian Dishes from Iran

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Healthy Vegetarian dishes from Iran

Once known to many as Persia, Iran has an ancient cuisine and many of the common food words familiar to us are derived from the Persian language, including oranges, pistachios and saffron.  Familiar ingredients, such as walnuts and broad beans, originated there and others were introduced to the area, namely... more

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Healthy Greek Vegetarian Dishes

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Greek cuisine is full of healthy Mediterranean ingredients such as olive oil, courgettes, aubergines, pulses and tomatoes, and flavoured with garlic and fresh herbs. Dishes are traditionally simple, but full of flavour and texture. Mixed vegetable soups and casseroles are popular and filling and so are good for week day... more

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Healthy Vegetarian Indian Dishes

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Healthy Vegetarian Indian Dishes

When the waistline starts to expand a little I always prefer to exclude some foods from our diet rather than to count calories or other types of dietary measurement.  Usually we try to stick to vegetarian dishes during the week and what better cuisine to look to than that of... more

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